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We’ve recently moved our website onto the “Headway” theme platform to enable us to better provide a fast, responsive, site using WordPress, but with far more flexibility to make changes without too much technical coding work.

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Not Just Another WordPress Theme

While you probably haven’t noticed the change, we’ve recently moved our website onto the “Headway” theme platform, still using WordPress as a content management system (CMS) and blogging host.

Headway is more than just another WordPress theme, it’s more of a web development environment which enables us to quickly and easily construct, and make changes to our site which are outside of what can be achieved using the basic WordPress functions without us having to make more in depth technical changes. Whilst our previous site looked very similar it was constructed using tools which made a lot of changes much more long winded.

Headway is also fully up to date with the latest technical standards like HTML5 and CSS3, as well as having full mobile and tablet support, and has an ever growing array of additional plug-in features including e-commerce support, galleries and communities.

Making Client Website Management Smoother

In future we intend to use Headway to create all our client sites, enabling us to keep on top of the management of their websites much more easily. This will provide the flexibility needed for us to make the regular changes that customer’s need, whilst keeping costs low and delivery times fast.

Don’t forget that at No Worry Web we do all your website and social media management, for one monthly fee from £99, including all up front set up with no contracts to tie you down. So why not Get Started Now? or for answers to your queries check out our Frequently Asked Questions page or Get in Touch.

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