9 WordPress Management Plugins I Always Use

WordPress Management Plugins

As I’ve mentioned before, at No Worry Web we use WordPress as a framework for all of our work. There are many reasons for this but one of the most compelling is the availability of plugins which are never seen by the user, but which help to manage the creation and operation of the site itself.

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This is my list of 9 of those WordPress Management Plugins which I turn to first when creating a new site, before doing any coding, so that I can be confident that things are secure, managed, and will behave in the way I expect them to. All of these excellent plugins are available for free.

1. WP SlimStat

Google Analytics is great for serious analysis of your web traffic and goal completion information but I always find it’s a bit cumbersome for an ad-hoc look at how things are going generally. The WP SlimStat plugin gives you at a glance information on your traffic including all the detail you’d expect. You can look at what’s been happening in the last few minutes or hours, or drill down to information based on date ranges. It’s great for a one minute update on your latest blog’s performance, or last weeks visitor numbers.

2. BackWPup

Of course you should back up your hard work on a regular basis, but which of the many plugins should you use. Having tried a number of them I find this one offers a great blend of simplicity, functionality and reliability, giving me peace of mind that I’m protected if the worst happens. You can backup your database and any combination of files, save them to your server, to various external sites like Dropbox, or send them to yourself by e-mail.

3. Better WP Security

As you know WordPress is extremely popular and of course that makes it a target for hackers and spammers. If you leave your WordPress site set-up as standard anyone in the know may be able to access your site in seconds and could ruin your business reputation.

Better WP Security makes a raft of changes to your settings to make it much more difficult for the casual attacker to gain access, and offers many more suggestions of things it can do to make things even more watertight. Whilst novice users should be careful when setting extra options, the basic set-up alone will make your site 100% more secure.

4. WordPress SEO

The gold standard of Search Engine Plugins by Yoast. This structures your site and content in the most search friendly format, enabling you to specify how pages, posts, categories and a host of other types are tagged for SEO and social media distribution purposes, using a few tick boxes and standard formats. It also helps you to boost the ranking of a page or post for specified keywords, by highlighting areas where you can make improvements.

5. Media Tags

If you’ve pages of images on your site it begins to get more and more difficult to find them quickly when you need them. This plugin simply enables you to categorise your images so that you can find what you need easily.

6. PS Disable Auto Formatting

I generally write my pages, and most of my posts using HTML, so I find it very annoying when WordPress arbitrarily adds or removes paragraph and line breaks. This plugin switches that function off so that your HTML is preserved as you want it.

7. Admin Menu Editor

Once you’ve installed a few plugins you’ll find that they’re settings menus are located in different places in the WordPress menu structure, and  I can never remember which plugins are in which sub menu. This handy tool lets you organise your menu so you can easily get to the settings of the various plugins you’ve installed by organising the menus as you like. (free version does have some limitations)

8. Duplicate Post

Once you’ve fine tuned the way you like to structure your posts, which categories and tags you’re using, and perhaps included a few re-useable bit’s of code, it would be great if you could copy the last post, as a starting point for your next one. Well this plugin does just that; clones a post or a page so you’ve already got a framework to start your next item with.

9. Broken Link Checker

There’s nothing more annoying than a broken link, whether it’s your own mistake, or an external site that’s been taken down. Well with this tool you’ll get a warning if a link is no longer valid whether its internal or external.

So if you’re just starting out with WordPress and have found an admin issue which annoys or worries you, check the plugins search. It’s quite possible that someone else felt the same way and has written a WordPress Management Plugin to solve it!

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