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Using a Connection Hub to Publicise Your Data

You may only want a website as a place to point people to for your contact details, so why spend a lot of time and money when you can put a site together in 10 minutes for free?

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If you’re a one man band in certain industries, it may not actually be worth bothering with a web site at all, unless you have a clear plan for how you’re going to use it, and the time and interest in developing the content to keep the site fresh and interesting. You possibly use Twitter and Facebook a bit and are happy at that.

But one of the useful things with a web site is that it’s a great place to point people to for your contact details. Instead of having to reel off a list of numbers and web addresses to interested parties you can send them to your site to find what they need. Well how about putting a web site together which sorts that and more in about 10 minutes for free?

KimTag is what’s called a Connection Hub. There are several available and they are essentially a mini web site which gives you somewhere to lay out all your phone numbers, e-mail addresses and urls, together with some basic information. You then just give the one web address to your prospects and other contacts, and they can head over and get whatever data they like. The information comes over well on mobile devices and you even get one of those handy QR codes which points people to your mini-site.


There’s nothing technical to the set up at all, and our four minute video takes you through step by step.

We think this is a cheap and easy way to have a focused web presence without the overhead of maintaining a full site if you don’t feel the need for one. Why not give it a go?


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