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The Secret of QR Codes

I’m sure you’ve seen QR codes on adverts or next to an exhibit at the museum. They’re a type of bar code which can hold very large amounts of information and if you have the right software on your smartphone, when you point the camera at one of these codes, something will happen. You may be taken to a web site, prompted to call a number, or have information displayed.

No Worry Web Contact QR Code

This is our QR code, which you’ll also find at the bottom of the page. It contains our contact details which can then be saved directly to your phone’s address book.

For your business they could be a way of letting prospective customers capture information about your company, instead of rummaging for a pen and paper. As well as putting them on literature, I have one on my business card to save people typing my details into their phone, and I also keep a photo of the QR code on my own phone so that if I’m caught without a business card the contact can just scan the screen of my phone.

So how do you get one of these QR codes. Well you can make them yourself in a couple of minutes on the web, and download the result to use in print, on screen, or on the move. Our three minute video shows you how.


Here’s the video showing you how to create any QR Code you like and style it to match your company brand. We’ve used this web site but there are many other sites which do essentially the same job.


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